your inside wisdom

These sessions are for you, when you want to trust more on your intuition, bringing out your creativity and to have clarity in your vision.

Essence session:
What is touching you, and what makes you really happy? I help you to recognize how to trust and listen to your intuition and to be vulnerable and authentic.

Walking session:
During this session we walk together in nature, while moving and talking peaces are coming together. You will experience how nurturing and overwhelming nature can be for you.

In a group we work with different life theme’s and you will have the chance to get new insights, inspiration and you experience the power of sharing.


The first intake session of 1,5 hours is € 125,-
Follow-up sessions of 1 hour are € 95,-

Consult by phone or zoom is € 70,- an hour
Online Satsan Inside Wisdom is € 12,50 for 1,5 hours
Walking session of 2 hours is € 150,-

Private sessions are including VAT, for business it’s ex VAT.